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CSEL 94/2 – Augustinus, Enarrationes in Psalmos 61-70 – ed. H. Müller, CSEL 94/2

Augustine’s commentaries on Psalm 61-70 are for the main part based on sermons, which were taken down in shorthand. However, the group also contains the oldest of the large dictated expositions that supplemented the sermons. Some of the longest and most interesting sermons, both from a theological and a rhetorical viewpoint, can be found in this group. In this edition, special emphasis was laid on the reconstruction and adequate presentation of Augusine’s expressive and nuanced oral style. Each Enarratio is accompanied by an introduction, in which the known facts on time, date and liturgical circumstances are presented, as well as a precisely reconstructed version of the text of Augustine’s Psalter(s).