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New Augustine sermons

Four entirely new sermons and two up to now only partly known sermons were recently discovered by I. Schiller, D. Weber und C. Weidmann (scholars at the CSEL / Vienna); the new texts are preserved in a 12th century manuscript in the Bibliotheca Amploniana (Erfurt, Germany). The codex, probably written in England, transmits approximately 70 sermons of Caesarius, Pseudo-Chrysostom, Augustine, the Venerable Bede and others. The section of the codex containing the new texts along with about 20 other sermons of Augustine already known and some sermons that were erroneously attributed to him, seems to go back ultimately to an old collection from the library of Hippo.

Three of the new Erfurt sermons deal with aspects of charity and almsgiving (Erfurt 2, 3, 4). Two others were delivered at feasts of martyrs: Erfurt 1 is on Perpetua and Felicitas, Erfurt 6 (probably incomplete) on Cyprian. One sermon deals with resurrection (Erfurt 5).

The new texts have been edited in two parts: Erfurt 1, 5, and 6 in Wiener Studien 121 (2008), Erfurt 2, 3, and 4 in Wiener Studien 122 (2009).