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CSEL 106

Ambrosius Mediolanensis, Orationes funebres I: In psalmum 61/De obitu Gratiani, De consolatione Valentiniani/De obitu Valentiniani, De obitu Theodosii, ediert von V. Zimmerl-Panagl, Berlin u.a. 2021 (CSEL 106).

Among the works of Ambrose, his funeral orations occupy a special position and have aroused interest in various fields of research: they are of interest to philology as the first complete funeral orations from Late Antiquity and as literarily artistic documents; due to their historical implications, they are valuable sources for historians; and in their exegetical, dogmatic and Christological focus, they are precious witnesses for patristic research. In the present volume, Ambrose’s speeches for the two emperors Valentinian II and Theodosius I are presented in a new edition that takes into account the wide range of the manuscript tradition. Since in some codices the exposition of Psalm 61 (the last text of the Explanatio psalmorum XII, ed. M. Petschenig, CSEL 64) is handed down together with these two ‘imperial speeches’ as De obitu Gratiani, and this branch of the tradition had remained unnoticed in the edition of the Explanatio psalmorum XII, this text is also newly edited with a detailed introduction.